Educational videos

Soo… sometimes, others have put it to the point maybe just a little more clearly than even I could! First one is about the role of prostitution in america’s History – chapter How the west was won!

That one quote I’m not a damsel in distress, I’m a working girl (spit on the floor) applies so perfectly to many of today’s situations. Enjoy!

And next is actually from and about a german FKK Club – The Hawaii in Ingolstadt. Never heard of that place? Well, it’s where the Audis are made, so if you pick up yours from factory, why not celebrate? But than, the region is also down for it’s touristic beauty!

Schloss Neuschwanstein, the original Disney Castle and loads of Kraut and Beer and Oompah Music are in close reach! And actually many tourists from all around the globe flock there. Maybe that’s why this club actually produced an english video! Nice intro for guys who have no idea what to expect.

If you’re in the area, don’t miss it! The Hawaii is a nice place, a little towards the upper end of the price scale but still a bargain compared to most of the industrialized world. With just a few more places like that, the area would absolutely be worth a trip for us, too!

How to pick the right hooker

Not just in Germany…

This business is so full of money and so much hidden and covered in guilt and shame that it’s actually easy to make insane amounts of money without any work at all. In with virtually no risk of being caught!

I just discovered, sort of a multitude of forums in one place. Very honest and competent discussions about… well, anything i checked out. And in the 2 days i’ve been there, I stumbled across the issue

Scams in the pay sex world

a whopping 3 times! But that thing in general deserves another post, maybe even a whole page!

So for now, let’s assume we’re in Germany. This means, prostitution is a legal business like cutting hair or producing pesticides. This means, a contract is binding and technically it’s up to each business partner to claim his right at court! And by now, cases like “she promised to fuck me for two hours and then just played on the mobile” have come up just as often as “we agreed, he’d bay €500 for a BJ and afterwards he only gave me 20!”. All discussed and ruled.

Now this does imply, there’s any real value in that proceeding 😉 It’s so much easier to avoid trouble upfront. Since this will develop over time. I’ll just start out with 2 lists

Do’s and dont’s when picking hookers


  • go to places where (better off) locals go
  • Trust your guts: rather skip a round than just hoping she’ll probably…
  • watch how she treats other customers
  • start with the cheapest service
  • walk away if something’s not right, even stop in the action
  • set yourself financial limits for this time


  • come as a showoff, mostly cash and jewelry. some nice clothinh is ok, though.
  • trust ads, especially in the internet. They’re so easy to fake!
  • fall under any pressure! There’s always another boat!
  • be overwhelmed by great looks
  • be timid, shy… or even admit you’re a beginner!

To be continued! Check back … and leave any clues or questions you might have!

“Typical” Crime Raid

and Press Coverage. Just found this in one of the local/regional tabloids in the (former communist) east of Germany

Some tweaking the google-translation into readable English gives

Large-scale raid with Hells Angels and in brothel in Leipzig

By Alexander Bischoff
In the early hours of the morning the police arrived at Leipzig’s largest pleasure house.

Official take action against redlight crime
Official action against “redlight” crime

Leipzig – Large-scale raid in Leipzig: Since the early hours of the morning, dozens of police officers have flocked to Leipzig’s largest deluxe house, the FKK-Club Torgauer Strasse, and the former headquarters of Hells Angels on Dessauer Straße.

As TAG24 learned from the judicial circles, the action taken by the Provincial Commission took place in connection with a fatal shooting on 25th, June in Eisenbahnstreet.

In the confrontation between Hells Angels and the Gang United Tribun, Tribuns contender Veysel A. (27) died in hail of bullets. Two other UT rockers were seriously injured.

In the todays raid the investigators look for weapons, data storage and further evidence. Officially, the police and public prosecutor’s office have not yet wanted to comment on the deployment so far.

Police special forces are also on the spot to secure the searches.

The suspected shooter, Stefan S. (30), has been in custody since the confrontation on the Eisenbahnstreet. Investigations are going on against him as well as two other imprisoned Hells Angels for joint murder.

During the search of the brothel, in which several rockers are to be involved in the business, officials of the ordinances are also on the spot.

In the raid, it is also said that there is also a check on whether the ladies of the club are offering their services voluntarily.

So, what can this tell us, both about the action of authorities and the actual crime rate in the German sex trade? I figure these main points in the article – decide yourself and let me know:

  1. This raid was actually not about prostitution! Instead it was about criminal rockers. Who do happen to be involved in a shady area, however.
  2. There’s really only two areas (well, with the advent of our Jihadist Friends now 3) where german police do go in that seriously – prostitution and rocker related. One I consider justified, one more for the peanut gallery.
  3. A check whether ladies are offering their services voluntarily is a sidenote at best – that sentence could just as easily have been put up by the writer to give it some moral aspect.

When I find time, I’ll let you know my personal experience with a raid (for taxes!) from a customer perspective!

Talk soon


Beware, All you Lovefools!

One old Kaspar / Kasper
One old Kaspar / Kasper

My friend Frank at just added an entry (actually even3 of them) about Lovefools in the pay sex world – we call them LiebesKasper in German. Kasper (or Kaspar) is basically just an old (originally latin, even one of the 3 holy kings) name for a man. But since it got famous as the name of a puppet character (the German version of Punch int the Punch-and-Judy-Show), it’s sort of a synonym for “fool” or “clown”


Don’t fall in love in a brothel

Now, first thing, this is situation is by no means unique to the prostitution scene in Germany. The internet abounds with stories from Thailand along the lines “Ibought this house for the two of us, and since as a farang you’re not allowed to own real estate there, we registered it for her name :} Well, … next thing… she kicked me out – Poooooor me, life is soooo unjust!” Well, you’re not poor, life is not unjust – you’re just stupid! Lacking even the most basic street smarts…

So that same story will not happen to you in Germany – anyone can own property 😉 But then they have other ways, many of them also existing in Thailand:

  • Mother sick, need cash for hospital
  • Have debt from (brother’s) gambling
  • Need a down payment for my new apartment
  • Need new car to get to work so much easier
  • can be continued endlessly, your input welcome 😉

They are there for the money

Do not mess it up: if they’re looking for a boyfriend, they are looking elsewhere! And more often than not, in their socio-economic surrounding.

Frank has put a few nice examples under the keyword Liebeskaspar – Züchterinnen, and for now, I’ll leave it with that, might add a few more and some explanation later.

For now, just accept that women in these places want to make money, not for romance! And even though i know for sure they do not see it as negative as the feminists want to make it, even the ones who really love fucking around, would often not

  • do it with exactly that current man
  • without any further commitment from his side
  • at exactly this time and place
  • in exactly this way

if it were not for a little cash!

So, keep your mind, keep your money!

Talk soon


Beautiful map of Red Light Places

Just stumbled across this one and want to share it with you:
Somebody went through the work of setting up a

Map of Red Light Places in Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands

where Prostitution is legal. And while I cannot promise this thing being maintained forever (or even is 100% up to date right now) it does give a nice overview of where the trade is focused – when you scroll in, at least: :mrgreen:

  • West of Germany,
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Amsterdam
  • Border Regions to France (where Prostitution is illegal)

Google Custom Map: Some Places of legal Prostitution

Tech note: Since this map is included as an iframe, not only can  i not set a caption like for a normal image. You might even have to tweak some security settings to actually view it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems to be the best way for most readers!

The little grain of salt is that places are not really linked to from the map, so we’ll have to check what google finds for the names. I plan listing and reviewing the major ones here. But just setting that up is quite some work, don’t even mention keeping it up to date.

So, what should you look for on that map? I recommend the blue markers! These should stand for fkk clubs of the type i recommend: You pay admission upfront and then are free to slowly make up you mind about with who you inter act or not.

And, big surprise, while love for sale is found abundantly all around the area, the hotspot for fkk clubs is The West, like I mentioned on the page about fkk clubs. Feel free to let me know about your experiences with this map, fkk clubs or redlight districts here, there or wherever..  and everything you think in general about the topic.


Pornstar Parties @ PT Dorsten and Osnabrück

Well, there’s quite a few traveling porn stars around – I’ll get to writing a more detailed article about them sometime soon. For now just a short heads up for those in the area in the near future:

Three Gangbang Parties with real Pornstars coming up

You won’t have problems finding some clips of Sexy Susi, Wendy Somer and Angel Sky on your favorite porn video platform – unless it’s so popular somebody checks for violations of copyright. These ladies have been around, come around and know what they’re doing.

Sexy Susi in action – you active, too?

Me, I really love 😉 Sexy Susi, must have been to more than half a dozen events with her. Not the youngest chick around, but still in perfect MILF- shape! Absolutely knows the game, absolutely caring about each guy she’s serving at that time – even if it’s seven of them in a gangbang. Just for me, serious jugs are half the fun anyway 😛

And while there’s certain differences between all events (some include anal, some don’t, some are with condom, some not, size (men and women involved) and locations, food…), you’re guaranteed big fun if you get somewhat close to your personal taste. Oh, a taste for public sex at all is actually pretty helpful, too!

Sexi Susi @ Party Treff Dorsten

These days, quite a few chicks go on tour – sometimes even with a serious bunch of friends. I can only guess what makes them so extremely busy (or horny? who knows) at the darkest time of year… needing extra cash for christmas? Or just guys wanting to escape boring, nagging wives? …

Sexy Susi and Wendy Somer @ PT Dorsten

It is absolutely worth taking advantage of the offer – hey, besides the experience, it’s a cheap way to get it multiple times for a little more than pocket money! Events are typically between 100,- and 150,- €us but prices every now and then go down to as little as 70,- €uros – for as much sex as can take, sometimes in a somewhat limited time but never less than 4 hours.

pt-os-big-gangbangI stumbled across these 3 events in the next days and the area and will most likely be on one of them! If this special side of the business is to your taste, let me know and I’ll put out more Info on it!







YingYang: “Fifty Shades of Grey” Party

Tired of Octoberfests and Halloween Parties?

Ying Yang announcing Fifty Shades of Grey Party

While busying myself in the futile attempt of keeping up with all the halloween parties out there, here’s a nice change: on Nov., 16th, sauna club Ying Yang in Roermond/NL will have a fifty shades of grey party!

And even though they promise “more info on facebook” without having that put up yet, it’s gonna be fun and it’s gonna be kinky! So stay tuned for more info on this unusual one!


Last Octoberfest? Erotikpark Bünde

Now this was a special weekend -Donald Trump claimed the you can grab chicks by the pussy if you only got the money! How dare he! That is so disgusting and so untrue… I went to the nearest FKK (LuderLounge, Dortmund) and not only grabbed a chick by the puss, for €30,- 😉

And having a little chat with a guy i meet every now and then and here and there, I got reminded of a place called “Saunaclub Platinum” where i had spent some real nice hours quite some time ago. You won’t believe what google showed me: Dog food! Yep, on they sell meat :O How dare they!

So sometime later a friend told me, the platinum has been gone for good quite some time and reopened as Magnum Saunaclub. Claiming to now be the biggest place around with a whopping “Inside area 3000 sqm/ 32000 sqft”. And 100 chicks +, happy to be grabbed … ok, ok, done with that!

This has somehow passed me by. And even though the website is more flashy than informative, I have a new place to check out next time I’m around there.

oktoberfest-bunde-16Getting back to what this post was originally intended about. Rumor has it, that people in the east of west(!)phalia are.. leeets saaayy a little more relaaaaxed than others. So it may not be coincidence, that Erotikpark Bünde have the last Octoberfest of this year!

There’ll be all the usual goodies – Girls in that bavarian dress with no undies – willing to be grabbed… 😉 , Bavarian style Food and beer and… well, you get it. Special will be a combination of “finest black music” and “Wiesenhits” – a modern version of the infamous Oompah music! So if you’re around with a looot of time on your hands… don’t miss it!

List of Halloween Events in german FKK Clubs 2016

So i tried my best to keep you informed about the octoberfests with a new post every time i stumbled across yet another one… not fun, really. So about the halloween events, I’ll just edit this one! Golden Time will be included here once they know – and publish – their plans 😉

Usually there’s no extra charge for these events. If I find out otherwise, I’ll let you know.

Even easier (for me;)) : adding on top!

PHG Long Halloween Weekend

Halloween @ Planet Happy Garden
Halloween @ Planet Happy Garden

LaLuna, Oct 31st

laluna halloween

Acapulco Gold on Oct, 29th


Samya’s halloween artwork found:

Samya’s Halloween Artwork – for full party desciption, please scroll dwon!









So for a start:

FKK Great Palace, Castrop Rauxel

The Graet Palace's announcement for Halloween 2016
The Great Palace’s announcement for Halloween 2016







Same day, different place:

Samya FKK, Cologne

This time no artwork. Just a text message, which I’ll translate below

Grosse Halloween Party im Samya am 31.10.2016

Liebe Freunde des Samya Clubs,

—Party Alarm —
Am Montag den 31.10.2016

steigt, auch dieses Jahr wieder, die beliebte

– Samya Halloween Party –

– Am Abend erwartet Euch ein spannendes Halloween-Buffet

– Cocktails for free


– Und natürlich verwandelt sich das Samya wieder passend zum Thema……..

P.S: Auch wenn der ein oder andere von Euch, auch außerhalb von
Halloween, schon mal einer “HEXE” im Samya begegnet sein sollte,
muss man zu Halloween naturgemäß, eher vermehrt mit der
Begegnung jener Spezies rechnen………… -:)

Das alles sollte man sich besser nicht entgehen lassen…………

Euer Samya und Team

Big Halloween Party at Samya on Oct, 31 2016

Dear Friends of Samya Club,

—Party Alert —
On Monday, Oct 31st 2016

we’ll have, as every year, the popular

– Samya Halloween Party –

  • exciting Halloween-Buffet waiting for you in the evening
  • Cocktails for free
  • Raffle (recent years, prices were worth it alone – Frank)
  • And naturally themed decor ……..

P.S: Even though one or the other of you might have ncountered a “witch” at samya, even out of Halloween, during this time such encounters are even more likely – naturally………… -:)

All of this you’d better not miss…………

Yours Samya und Team

Bye Octoberfests – Halloween coming up!

While most octoberfests are already history by the end of September, Clubs gear up for the parties: And the calendar demands it’ll be halloween!

And as usual there’ll be quite some differences between what ach club will put up – least common denominator being customs for the ladies and themed Buffet.

Depending on my motivation I’m probably just gonna update this post, so check back every now or then.

First to announce (or first to be found by me) is Golden Time. And they also created a nice logo – though no real info yet:

FKK Club Golden Time, Brüggen, announcing Halloween Party